Success Stories

We value our Practice Member's experience at King Family Chiropractic.  If you are currently a practice member, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

Client Experience Questionnaire

Dr. Jamey King, D.C.

"These chiropractors educate, help your body heal, & promote long term health & wellness. Since getting adjusted I feel better overall. My focus on my health & that of my family had become more intense & it's working! Thanks!"
July 2012 - Laura B.

"I love getting adjusted while I'm pregnant.  I can lay comfortably on my stomache with the padding with no fear that the baby is getting squished.  I plan on getting adjusted through my whole pregnancy, I just feel amazing afterwards.  There are so many little aches & pains as a pregnant woman & getting chiropractic care has made my pregnancy so much more enjoyable.  I don't like taking drugs & chiropractic is a safe & natural alternative to help you get thru the pregnancy with much less pain & much more comfort!"
June 2012                                                                                                 - Emily G.

"I've had ringing in my ears for months as loud as cicadas. I used to think I was going to have to live with it for the rest of my life. After Dr. Amanda explained how an accident, plus all the stress going on in my life could be causing nerves to be pinched or irritated & that most all of my symptoms were inter-related I could tell that this chiropractic experience was going to be different than your typical chiropractor. After my first adjustment I noticed an 80% improvement in my ringing in the ears, as well as improvement in several of my other symptoms. I'm anxious to see how this will all work out." 
July 2012                                                                                                 - Jack

"I wasn't adjusted at all during my first labor & it was very difficult. I had lots of back labor & the delivery was so difficult.  I started getting adjusted around halfway thru my pregnancy & it's made such a difference in how I feel.  I am due any day now & I don't feel swollen, I have very little aches & pains & I actually am getting stomache contractions this time.  I even got an hour massage the other day from Amanda Meylor (LMT) & I felt like I was glowing & so relaxed."
June 2012                                                                                                 - Ashley F.

"Yesterday I felt wonderful, amazing, best I've felt in years!  I started to do all the things on the farm that I haven't done since my shoulder's been bothering me, tackling projects that needed done & I felt like I could do it all.  Today, I'm sore, but it's a muscle sore that I know I worked & I'm proud of that. I also noticed that my shoulders are just really back & my posture has improved so much.  I think chiropractic care is definatelly working for me!" 
March 2012                                                                                                - Jane L.

Orran suffered from reflux & colic due to being premature & a traumatic birth delivery.  Orran was unable to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time, had to always be moving & would throw up everything so he was always eating.  And he's been doing this since birth! I was searching for natural & "Alternative" healthcare options for infants and I found King Family Chiropractic. Dr. Amanda & Dr. Jamey's adjustments have helped Orran sleep thru the night, his reflux has gotten so much better, and we are able to lay him flat without him breaking out into a scream. He's just such a happy baby now!"

January 2012         -Christen, Brett & baby Orran

My lower back & neck has been problematic for years. I was adjusted differently than previous, has made a big difference. My problem has been 23 years long, loss of income due to time off work, limits what you can do and how you do things. I have learned to be very careful. Now I have been able to do more with less aggrivation." 
September 2010                                                                                         - Dennis S.

"Since starting the Ideal protein weight loss plan, I've lost 8-10 pant sizes, and I'm not snoring anymore.  My wife is very happy because she can sleep & I feel like I've got so much more energy.  I thought giving up dairy during the first phase of the program was going to be hard (I am a farmer afterall) but, I don't miss it at all & I feel great. I've got a ways to go, but this program is working for me just like it worked for my wife!"
March 2012                                                                                                - John H.

"I've experienced less
 pain & easier to move around & get up and down.  Overall I'm getting better. Dr. Jamey'strying to get me back on track to health."
Feb 2012                                                                                                      - Don E.

"The chiropractor gives adjustments to the spine, etc. but it is for total well-being. Since getting adjusted, I feel better eventhough I am still sitting all day, I can handle my stress better & I'm taking more time for me to read, pray & take care of myself." 
Feb 2012                                                                                                     - Ellen O.

"My sleeping habits have improved, my pain has improved & I have more strength & flexibility after getting adjusted.  I am trying to eat better, but overall (since getting adjusted by Dr. Jamey), I just feel better!"
Jan 2012                                                                                                      - Robert M.

"My back is much better. Dr. Jamey recommended I start supplementing fish oil, calcium & Vit D & since we've atarted I just feel overall better, I'd say 85% in a few short weeks."
Jan 2012                                                                                                     - Rita M.

"I've been taking pain meds daily for a little over a year.  My low back right knee, neck & shoulder were in so much pain & the medication wasn't helping at all.  My daughter suggested I come see Dr. Amanda & King Family Chiropractic & after just two adjustments, by back feels much better, my knee pain is almost completely gone & neck & shoulder feels much better. My daughter feels much better & her kids are performing better at school & home as well all thanks to King Family Chiropractic's advice, adjustments & nutritional recommendations." 
Jan 2012                                                                                                         - Marilyn J. 

"My family all gets adjusted at King Family Chiropractic... my testimonial is that my stress seems lower, my strength & flexibility is better, I'm sleeping better & I can focus better.  Oh yeah, my back & head hurt less too, but that's what I expected at the least!" 
Dec 2011                                                                                                       - Darrik O.

"Since starting chiropractic care, I have less pain & am have been enabled to move around more with less stress!" 
Dec 2011                                                                                                      - Margie S.  

"My son is a great kid, but recently he just seemed more edgy or easially irratable.  After getting adjusted, he has a more appropriate attitude for his age.  He has better energy, focus & attention.  My whole family gets adjusted & it's keeping us healthy & greatly reduces the stress." 
Dec 2011                                                                                                      - Michelle R.

"Since getting adjusted, I am much better able to handle the stress of the holidays at work & at home. I feel much more relaxed & am able to handle all the computer work better too." 
DEC 2011                                                                                       - Ellen O. & Rachel O. 

"Chiropractic takes the stress & pain out of my life.  Since I've become a practice member, a lot has changed. I know how to eat better (combinations, portions, moderation, etc.), I am calmer, I'm sleeping better, and I feel so good about myself.  Ihave my cholesterol down and I don't have to worry about that.  With all the hard work I've done with Dr. Amanda & King Family Chiropractic, it was worth it because I now have a new sense of joy & confidence that even my friends & family has noticed." 
DEC. 2011                                                                                    -MaryLou T. 

He (our 11 week old baby boy) actually slept through the night, and I asked my husband to check & see if he was still breathing because he's never slept all through the night before! He used to spit up very violently & now he's so much more content & doesn't spit up like that anymore!  The whole family is under chiropractic care now & we feel great." 
DEC 2011                                                                                        -Christen P.  

"As a young woman I fell down a flight of steps, hitting my low back on the front of each step all the way down. Every day since has been filled with pain.  I have suffered 50 years with no real pain relief until I came to Dr. Jamey. All my life I had so much pain that I had to sit back & watch life pass me by. My low back problem had been helped so much since coming to King Family Chiropractic. For the first time in 50 years, I can do the things I want to do. I am so thankful I made the decision to come to Darlington and get all this pain relief from Dr. Jamey!" 
Nov 2011                                                                                       -Catherine M.

"I really enjoy coming here. I feel so relaxed when I'm done having my adjustment.  When you feel good it makes most things much better." 
Oct 2011                                                                                 - Sheila H. 

"My pain and numbness are better.  I'm feeling happier overall." 
Aug 2011                                                                                  - LuAnn S.

"I am able to move more without pain, I have lost a few pounds :)  I am a happier person and not tired during the day.  I have much more energy and my attitude is just happier. I have also gained some strength & flexibility." 
Aug 2011                                                                                   - Brianna K.

"I have less pain and I am not as easily agitated.  When you feel better, you don't feel like you are as grumpy." 
Aug 2011                                                                                  - Vicki W.

"I make healthier decisions in what I eat. I'm nore careful on what happens to my body or more cautious. I just feel good.  If nothing else improves, at least I've drastically improved on my balance & clumsiness!  But I've already improved in energy level, sleeping habits, attitude & focus, I'm not as tired all the time either.  I'm excited for Dr. Jamey's next Eat Well & Move Well classes too!" 
Aug 2011                                                                                   -Desi C.

"I didn't have any real problems when I came in to see Dr. Amanda, but after a few weeks of chiropractic care, all the aches & pains I had been associating with old age are starting to go away.  I don't wake up as stiff in the morning.  My next goal is keeping up with my wife who told me while we were hiking over the weekend that she feels 10 years younger since starting chiropractic care." 
August 2011                                                                              - Jay L.

"Since starting chiropractic care a few weeks ago due to a work accident, I've not only been able to return to normal duties very quickly, but I feel 10 years younger.  I stand up straighter too and just feel more alive." 
Aug 2011                                                                                   - Jeanne L.

"My overall health has improved quite a bit.  I came in very challenged, but I am up to transitional with the goal of being excellent.  My sleeping is better, my energy level has gone up, my attitude & patience has improved, my mental clarity & focus has gotten better, and my stress level has improved too. I think [my health] has changed a lot but I could use more improvement.  I'm starting to watch what I eat too." 
Aug 2011                                                                                    - Deb J.

"I can use my shoulder better than when I [first] came in.  It has gotten better.  I'm not so tense. I can move around better.  I'm also sleeping better." 
July 2011                                                                                   -Michaela T.

"My back don't hurt as much any more I can move a little better too.  I am not acrabby all the time & I am eating healthier.  My stress, sleeping habits, energy level, strength & flexibility, symptoms & even food cravings have all improved since starting [chiropractic care] a few weeks ago." 
Aug 2011                                                                                  - Jamie S.

"It gets better by day.  My strength & flexibility, sleeping habits & even my food cravings have gotten better." 
Aug 2011                                                                                   - Sammie S.

"[Since starting chiropractic care I'm] much better & have less pain.  My knees feel a lot better too, and Dr. Amanda hasn't even adjusted them!" 
July 2011                                                                                   - Carole D. 

"Dr. Amanda and Dr. Jamey: 
 I wanted you to know how much better I feel since starting the Ideal Protein Diet.  The food is great and I have never felt deprived of anything.  I have never been on any weight loss program but I knew that I had come to that point in my life where a change was needed.   I feel so much better, have energy to do the things that I like to do, but most important thing is that I am learning how to eat better, exercising more and improving my health.  Thanks for your support and all that you do."   
July 2011                                                                                   -Pam H. 
*** Pam's lost 42lbs in 10 weeks on the program! *** 

"I sleep better, my headaches are gone & I feel better.  My stress level has improved too." 
July 2011                                                                                   - Bridget T. 

"I decided to go to the chiropractor when my knees & feet hurt terribly following even minimal exercising. I also had frequent lower back pain.  Afterr just a few adjustments, I could feel great improvements.  My stride while running felt natural, and my feet and knees had virtually no pain during or after exercising.  I have always enjoyed working out, but now I enjoy it without pain.  I would highly recommend chiropractic care for active teans/adults.  Becoming aware of what is going on in your body is a great tool that has lifelong benefits." 
June 2011                                                                                 - Tiffany S.

"When I came to King Family Chiropractic I was struggling to function in my everyday life.  A hip replacement two years ago: had my tendon impinging, limiting my mobility and causing me to fall.  Additional surgery was recommended with a high risk of permanent disability.  With the help of King Family Chiropractic I am getting my life back.  [The scans show] I have gained 20% more mobility with my muscles & 39% improvement in organ functions.  I can now function at home and work, postponing the surgery indefinitely.  I would recommend chiropractic care Dr. Amanda & Dr. Jamey will do whatever they can to get you back up and running." 
June 2011                                                                                 - Gail R. 

"My digestion has improved & I just have more energy.  I didn't have too many 'problems' when I started, but I feel even better now." 
May 2011                                                                                 - Tiffany S.

"Since I started chiropractic care, I feel less anxious, I eat a little better, I don't eat so much junk & I am planning on starting to exercise soon.  Chiropractic has helped me an my son feel so much.  I have learned so much about the birth process, raising healthy children, and my son is such a better baby." 
May 2011                                                                                 - Lynette B.

"My back doesn't hurt, walk & sit straighter without pain.  My sleeping & stress level is also better.  I just feel better overall & I can even curl my hair all the way whereas before I would have to take a break due to the pain in my back & shoulders" 
May 2011                                                                                 - Char K.

"Before chiropractic care, I couldn't move my head as much.   It hurt a lot.  After getting adjusted by Dr. Jamey & Dr. Amanda driving is so much easier.  My low back pain into my leg wouldn't allow for much movement, but now I can move it well.  I can do more work around the house like vacuuming that I couldn't before." 
May 2011                                                                                 - Janice R.

"My stress has changed for the better when my body feels better & I'm less crabby.  My body hurts less, I sleep better, my mental focus is better, and my attitude and patient is much better." 
April 2011                                                                               - Hannah B.

Wow...I have gone almost a half year with no hospital visits for my stomach or anything else. Mark it down! Its a freakin record! 
April 2011                                                                                - Savannah W.

"I have more energy, I'm eathing healthier and staying away from junk food.  I've tried to avoid sugar, and my food cravings have gotten better.  My sleeping is better, and my strength/flexibility is better as well." 
March 2011                                                                                - Donna C.

"[Since starting chiropractic care] I've definatelly improved on my sleeping habits, symptoms, dietary habits, and handling my stress, but I have a ways to go.  I know health is a process and I am moving towards health." 
Mar 2011                                                                                     - Susan B.

"No headaches - Yeah!" 
Mar 2011                                                                                      - Sue E.

"I have a littlme more energy, sleeping better, & symptoms are less severe.  I'm also eating better and drinking more water." 
Feb 2011                                                                                      - Emily T.

"I am much healthier when I get adjusted on a regular basis.  My stress level goes down, I feel better, and I move better."   
Feb 2011                                                                                       - Susan P.

"[Since starting chiropractic care] i have become more aware of my posture, and my sleeping habits.  I've also been cuting out sugars, pop and other bad stuff.  My symptoms have also improved." 
Feb 2011                                                                                       - Josh C.

"I feel less pain, my wife says I'm walking better, and I have better energy.  Dr. Jamey's also encouraged me to eat better, so I've started eating more vegetables." 
Jan 2011                                                                                      - Fritz H.

"I have less pain." 
Jan 2011                                                                                        - Roy S.

"I started coming to King (Family) Chiro to specifically get rid of Vertigo.  Dr. Amanda was able to treat me and now I am vertigo free!" 
Jan 2011                                                                                        - Sabrina L.

"Since starting care here, I've become more self aware & focus on better self care.  My sleeping habits have been much better & I'm sleeping like a rock now.  I also have less symptoms & better flexibility." 
Jan 2011                                                                                       - Kathryn B.

"I have not been getting sick and getting colds as often as I had before.  I have also learned to control my stress, and feel more relaxed.  I've also been eating healthier and more fruits.  My symptoms in my back have also improved." 
Jan 2011                                                                                         - Andrea P.

"It's easier to play sports again, I don't have pain when I walk, sit or stand everyday.  I'm not in pain anymore, so my dtress level is down.  I'm also sleeping better and my strength & flexibility has improved." 
Jan 2011                                                                                          - Miranda W.

"No physical pain in neck, or tightness as much.  Flexibility and strength are better as well." 
Nov 2010                                                                                          - Laura N.

"I feel better.  I have more energy, can sleep better, more flexibility, and my stress level is better because I am able to relax." 
Nov 2010                                                                                            - Jeanne S.

"Ease of movement, range of motion improvement and the pain has been reduced." 
Nov 2010                                                                                             - Kim G.

"My neck pain is better, and sleeping is better too." 
Nov 2010                                                                                            - Sue R.

"I am less sressed & feel more energy all day.  My sleeping habits, strength & flexibility, and stress level have all improved.  My sense of taste and smell have improved as well.  My neck tightness is still there, but it's much better. I also try to stay away from sugars and white flour." 
Nov 2010                                                                                             -Nancy F.

"I am able to sleep better so I am not as tired at work.  I have less headaches and can focus better too.  I am trying to eat less junk, and I am not as stressed.  Overall, my energy level, focus, sleeping habits, stress & attitude/patience is much improved.  I refer my co-workers and friends all the time to this office." 
Nov 2010                                                                                             -Brandi R.

"Since starting care at King Family Chiropractic I feel more energetic, hace a little more patience, have more mental focus, better strength & flexibility.  Plus my neck & shoulder feel better and I would like to start exercising again.  I feel like these doctors promote wellness." 
Nov. 2010                                                                                           - Natalie A.

"I have less pain in the back f my head, in the back of my neck, in the left shoulder in the left shoulder blade area, in the left hip and at the right knee.  I am also sleeping better and was able to dance at a wedding without getting so tired." 
Nov. 2010                                                                                           - Sonja W.

"I feel better! :) I still have the same amount of stress but it doesn't seem to effect me as much. My energy level, symptoms, strength & flexibility have all improved too." 
Nov. 2010                                                                                           - Christina A.

"When I first came here I could barely walk, now my back feels better and I can bend in a way that doesn't hurt my back.  I also feel more relaxed, sleep better, have more energy and have more strength & flexibility." 
Nov. 2010                                                                                            - Jenna L.

"It's important to treat the entire body and the related emotional & environmental contributors. That's what they do here." 
Oct. 2010                                                                                            - Lin S.

"My son seems to be calmer, doesn't mind his face being touched as much, started signing more, doesn't seem to be as stressed, and is more cooperative" 
Oct. 2010                                                                                            -Wendy H.

"Very pleased with my care and corrective applications. Highly recommend this office." 
Oct. 2010                                                                                            -Roger V.

"My stress level has changed alot.  Also my hips are feeling much better!" 
Sept. 2010                                                                                          -Kory D.

"When I came in my hips were off.  My left leg was shorter.  Jamey knew what he was doing- back is much better- Hips feel good.  When I started I was going to another chiro, and was not getting these kind of results." 
Sept. 2010                                                                                         -Ronald I.

"My 17 day old baby was breech and folded in half like a suitcase with his feet up by his head, and his butt down. He had to be delivered by emergency c-section.  Since birth he wasn't sleeping, really fussy, couldn't lie on his back without screaming, took 2 hours to eat 2 ounces, 45 minutes to burp, and wasn't sleeping.  After we took him in to get adjusted, he immediatelly laid on his back completely calm, and slept really well for the next few days.  We had him adjusted 3 times in 2 weeks, and he is finally sleeping and eating like he's supposed to. " 
Sept. 2010                                                                                        -Kari L.

"Our 17 month old daughter was the perfect baby- 2 naps a day, slept through the night, happy all the time.  And then at about a year old she stopped sleeping.  Maybe one nap a day, refused to go to bed at night, would wake up constantly through the night, inconsolably screaming.  Our pediatrician suggested trying different bedtime routines & letting her "cry it out." Nothing changed and something was obviously wrong.  The 1st question Dr. Amanda asked us was if she ever crawled.  No she hadn't, she went right from scooting to walking ironically at the same time the sleeping problems started.  Dr. Amanda's analysis and the explaintations all fit our daughter to a tee.  After her first adjustment, we had the first full night's sleep we had had in 7 months!  And our daughter is getting the sleep she needs. Thank you!" 
March 2010                                                                                    -Kristin D.

"Since I've been coming to the chiropractor I am able to stand comfortably, run with out ankle pain, I sleep better, I have energy!  I can ride [horses] with out lower back, knee, ankle pain - AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE MY FEET ARE WARM! Chiropractic means taking care of my body today so I can do the things I need and want to do tomorrow.

February 2010                                                                              -Mindy M.

"Chiropractic has been helping me achieve my wellness goals, not only in a physical way, but internal things that I can do easily such as taking the right vitamins, not taking medicines, etc.  I used to get regular migraines, but it's been 3 weeks since I've had a migraine, and to me that is HUGE."
January 2010                                                                                -Nikki 

"My Kids started w/King Family Chiropractic this year (2009) and since coming here they have been healthy- no flus, no colds, no illnesses.  Thank you King Family Chiropractic!!" 
January 2010                                                                              -Paula

"Amanda is very thorough in her assessments and examinations and is excellent at educating her patients throughout the patient care process. After seeing Amanda for adjustments during about a 3- to 4-month period, my monthly menstrual cramps and backaches are almost non-existent.� 
November 5, 2009                                                                       -Elena M.

"Actually this story began on July 3,2007 as I was on my way to work on a beautiful sunny Tuesday morning when I was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident. On Dec 19th2008 I went to see my Dr., I was suffering such pain I could barely think about getting up and going to work.. He diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, and prescribed Cymbalta and at this point I was advised to contact an attorney. I began feeling better for awhile. Then as time went by the pains were getting worse again even being on the Prescribed meds.

On July 24th of 2009 I went to see my Dr. for an exam and wanted to be sure that my Dr. was aware of what I was still suffering chronically pain. I was very discourage with our conversation to the point that all week end I was crying and praying feeling hopeless because at this point I was sure I was going to have to give up my Profession.

Then I was blessed with a miracle; and my new life began on Tuesday afternoon July 28th, as I was killing some time before I was heading to the golf coarse for another painful of round of golf with my league.

Stopped at the Vitamin shop to pick up Glycosmine and Dr. Amanda offer a free scan of my neck.  Ironically without Amanda knowing, when she began to explain the issues I should be suffering that could be corrected with Chiropractic care.  So I scheduled the appointment. Before I went however I chose to speak with my Dr. because I wanted him to be on board with this. He was okay with me seeing a Chiropractor of my choice.

So I began going for my adjustments twice a week, I began to feel relief to the point were I began to wean off my pain masking med (Aleve).

Then in November of 2009, I asked my Dr. if it would be okay to try to wean off the Cymbalta meds. I was feeling so much relief from the chronic pain this was the next step. He was okay with this. I have gone through some painful times as the meds were leaving my body. But I am here to tell you that a true miracle has happened. I have my life back and with no meds,  no more Headaches, and the chronic full body pains I had been suffering have been minimized to small annoyance and I am sure that even these will some day soon be gone. I am seeing Dr. Amanda and Dr. Jamey on an average of once every 10days to 2wks.

I just want every one to know that I Thank God every day for the wonderful gift he gave me the day he brought me to meet Dr. Amanda at the Vitamin Shop door and answered my prayer!

In my job and my life I have many opportunities to share with people daily the wonders of The King Family Chiropractic care and their philosophy of healthy eating, mind, correct supplements and of coarse the philosophy of adjustments.

THANK YOU DR. AMANDA AND DR. JAMEY, I has been a wonderful experience and pleasure to have you in this season of my life! I really love you both.        -Jeananne M.

"My twins are age 6 and have never slept through the night with our having an accident (bed-wetting).  After 1 adjustment from Dr. J. King, they have slept through the night with our accidents.  It has been 2 nights and we're still counting. =)  "
UPDATE: 5/27/09   "7 nights and sitll counting =) Yeh...!"                    -Annette S. 

"Dr. Amanda: Thank you for working on my sinuses.  Lately, I have been having allergy problems and my sinuses have been backed up bad.  What you did last Wednesday really helped, by the next day I was able to breath clearly again and my head and cheeks were not sore.  So thank you again for doing what you do and making me better."              -Tylan S.

"At first, I sought the help of an ENT specialist to treat my vertigo and dizziness for almost two years.  Throughout that time I would get vertigo episodes at least twice a month.  The doctor conducted multiple tests with no avail and my symptoms were not improving.  Then a friend recommended I visit King Family Chiropractic and I was a little apprehensive at first because I had never been to a chiropractor before.  Still, I went and within a few sessions I still had some dizzy spells and virtually no vertigo episodes!  Who knew chiropractic care could even take care of inner ear problems?  Thanks to Dr. Richardson and Dr. King I am able to carry on with life with virtually no spinning and a lot less dizziness without any mediction.  Thank You."                                                                                        -
Aaron M.

"Chiropractic care has already dramatically improved my sense of well-being. Before my treatmet I woke up everymorning with a sinus headache.  I no longer sugger from sinus problems!  I no longer have the constant, nagging ache in my lower back that was always present after working out.  And one of the most exciting things is sleeping through the night which hasn't happened forever!  I recommend chiropractic healing for everyone.  My six-year old has even started her new health and healing program."

"I met Drs. King & Richardson in the spring of 2008 when they took over a practice that I had been involved with due to chronic lower back pain.  Dr. King assesed my current condition and began a maintenance program to maintain my well-being.  I have found Drs. King & Richardson to be very caring & professional in their approach to maintaining my well-being.  Based on my experience with Drs. King & Richardson, I would recommend anyone to their caring practice."                                                                           -

"I met Dr. Jamey King at Wal-Mart. He walked up to me and introduced himself as a chiropractor new to this area. You got to be Kidding! I have been thinking about seeing a chiropractor. I was told that I have carpal tunnel syndrome, plus I�ve had pain in my right foot for about 5 years. Other doctors have seen me but the pain has not gone away. Two days later I had made an appointment with Dr. King. One month later my hands were no longer feeling numb. My strength is coming back. My foot has not felt this good in years. Whatever he does, it is working. I think that day he walked up to me God had sent me and angel to help me. A day does not go by that I don�t tell someone about Dr. King and what he has done for me." 
Thank you Dr. King!                                                                    -Carol - St. Charles, IL

I would like to thank Dr. Jamey King.  Since starting treatment, he has helped my foot, hands, and neck.  My right foot would constantly breakout and blister but now it's under control.  My hands were so sensitive  sometimes that using them would send sharp pain through them but now I'm able to use both of them pain free.  Also, my neck movement has been increasing on each treatment.  For all this I again would like to say thank you Dr. King.         -

"I was having a horrible week and was feeling crappy, run down, and very congested. I called to tell Dr. King that I didn't feel very good, and was wondering if I should come in.  Dr. King told me I definatelly had to come in because being sick means I needed to get adjusted so I could get over my cold faster. Dr. King noticed I couldn't breath and told me he gets great results with people who have sinus problems like myself.  After 5-6 minutes of him working on my sinuses, I could breath!  I actually took in a deep breath for the first time in a week!  Thank You Dr. King, I never knew that chiropractic could help clear up sinus problems so quickly!"         -

"My back improved and I can stand & walk better.  Frank's face (jaw) much improved."        
-JoAnne M.

When I went for my appointment with Dr. Amanda I was skeptical, however she was comforting and I found her to be very thorough, and took a great deal of time with me.

Dr. Amanda called me to make a follow up appointment  when she analyzed her findings for August 21st @ 10:30am.

She again was very thorough in her explanation and expectation and then she adjusted me. I noticed an immediate change in the pain I had been experiencing, I felt relief; my head ache every morning was not every morning, the extreme pain in my right shoulder, left thumb, the pain and fatigue in my shoulders by my neck, lower back and knees and the ringing in my ears was minimized. Since then I have had two follow-up visits and adjustments August 25th &28th. The results have been amazing. After suffering for two years I have gone to almost no pain. I am sleeping so wonderful and my energy level has increased.

This has made me more sure and convinced that all the ongoing pain and symptoms were from the car accident.  It is obvious that her care is helping me heal.  

I have suffered 50 years with no real pain relief until I came to Dr. Jamey.  All my life I had so much pain that I had to sit back & watch life pass me by.  My low back problem has been helped so much since coming to King Family Chiropractic.  For the first time in 50 years, I can do the things I want to do.  I am so thankful I made the decision to come to Darlington and get all this pain relief from Dr. Jamey." 
Oct 2011                                                                                -Catherine M. 
"An awesome Dr. that listens to what my concerns & problems were & tried to help w/areas of concern.  In my case it has helped immensley already Thank You! :) " 
Sept 2011                                                                                 - Cari S. 

"I can now walk 1.5 miles per day without hurting. I am not suffering with back pain all the time like I have for years.  For me, it feels a lot better.  My energy level is up and my food cravings have even improved." 
Sept 2011                                                                                - Cathy M. 

"Dr. Jamey has helped eas pain in my lower back & taught me healthier habits" 
AUG 2011                                                                              - Alice B.

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